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We help you navigate the social care landscape

At Insequa we are social care brain-boxes – we understand the rules and regulations, we’re familiar with the problems AND the solutions. In fact, we know the landscape so well, we can draw you a map through all the obstacles in your way – pointing you and your business in the direction of success. If you need smart, effective approaches to time hungry tasks such as tender writing  – then we need to talk.


You’re a busy person – that’s a given. We understand it’s hard to find time and, let’s face it, energy, to keep all those balls up in the air. You’re a master juggler. But don’t you sometimes dream about letting someone else take a few catches in your place?

Take a peek at how easy life could be if you called upon the Insequa team. This is how it works…


The beginning

You pick up the phone and call 0115 896 3999. You talk to a real-live person who knows a lot about social care. No telephone menus, no dreary hold music, just an open line of communication with a human being who understands your needs. If you prefer to talk face to face, that’s okay. We can do that, too. It’s up to you – every client is different. Making your life easier is the name of the game, so whatever works best for you, works best for us too.

Your needs

Tell us what you want. We will listen hard to what you say. We will establish exactly how we can support you and your social care business in putting together a  robust and competitive tender proposal.

Our holistic service means you don’t have to spread yourself thin, running around tracking down the crucial paperwork you need to win contracts. We can advise on and provide bespoke and standard social care policies to ensure total compliance – saving you time, money and worry in the process.

The costs

From the outset we agree a price with you for the service we provide. This figure will be given in a written quote and will not change – no extras, no add-ons or last minute charges. The fee we agree together, will be the fee you pay. Always.

The benefits

We optimise your chances of business success with expert tender writing, saving valuable time and growing your social care business.  We have over 100 years’ cumulative experience of social care tenders  –  and when you commission us to write, you benefit directly from that rich fund of knowledge. Why do things the hard way, when there’s an easier option?


The process

Once you’ve green lighted us to start the tender writing process, an experienced proposal manager will be assigned to you. This friendly proposal manager will guide you confidently through the whole process from beginning to end. All our proposal managers are experts in the field of social care – they live and breathe the jargon, the acronyms and the highly specialist nature of the care environment.

Put simply, they speak your language. Our tried and tested tender production process is designed to deliver results, maximising your chances of winning. Your proposal manager will work closely with you during the process and will be easily accessible by phone and email throughout.

Telling your story

Through a series of discussions, usually over the phone, your proposal manager will discover all they need to know about the service you provide. They will tease out the information they need, guiding, prompting and advising you along the way, so they can build the strongest possible case in your favour.

The proposal manager will take care of all writing and will oversee the project management, but you will retain control at all times and will determine the ‘look and feel’ of the tender. Before submission, we hand over the tender for you to read and review. Nothing gets submitted until you are entirely happy with it.

A good send-off

We are happy to manage the actual submission of the written tender on your behalf, or you can do it yourself – whichever you prefer. Following submission, your proposal manager will be on hand, ready to advise on any queries and clarifications that may arise post-submission.

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